Founded in 2019, we realized an SOS need to create ‘something sustainable’ and ‘something slow paced’. Our pursuit is to create clothes that look good and feel good but don’t cost the earth. We thrive to keep the usage of natural resources to the minimum by using what already exists and design clean clothing that last.

We give a new lease of life to residuals.

We repurpose food, flowers, plant waste and sustainable fabrics.

We are committed to creating a positive change.

Our design ethos is to create thoughtful, perennial designs for a modern day conscious consumer. We work very closely with artisans, small craft-communities to create our naturally-dyed collection and some of the biggest fair-trade certified factories to reclaim their overstock for our 100% certified organic fabrics.

Our simple alchemy allows us to preserve the planet and hopefully inspire you to be kind to nature.

Our sustainability efforts don’t just stop at raw materials.

Our garments are ethically made by our fair-trade certified factory in Kolkata and naturally dyed by our passionate natural dyers in Mumbai. We’ve spent months in research and mindfully chosen local supply chain to keep our carbon footprint minimum.

SOS is a culmination of our love for mother earth along with our appreciation for conscious clothing that transcends seasons and will never end up as waste.