The Process - Food & Flower waste

The Process - Food & Flower waste

Hello Everyone!

This is our first blog and it had to be about :) flowers :)

Every day around half a million people go to temples and offer flowers. What happens next? The flower waste is dumped in rivers and lands, causing ecological crisis and a spiritual disconnect. Ironic, right? 

At SOS, as the name suggest we are always seeking ways to experiment with style and sustainability. For this collection, we recycle flower waste (and food waste) with the help our dyeing partners - Adiv Pure Nature and transform them into wearable colors. Our food waste is picked from local farmer markets and flower waste comes from temples and shrines around the city. The whole process takes multiple skilled hands and conscious minds to create something out of nothing.

A slow process but one that is full of surprise and delight. 

Dried Marigold petals at the workshop. 

Flowers picked from Haji Ali (Mumbai) 

Dried Rose petals.

Eco printing using marigolds and roses. 

First eco print sample on organic cotton. 

Like all natural dyes, these are also impermanent and changing but what a joy to be a part of a journey from temples to your wardrobe. As our dyeing partners rightly call this process : temple blessings. 

Food for thought :

Nature creates no waste, everything is recycled and up-cycled. 

Creating natural dyes from waste and putting them back in the loop is our little way of preserving the environment we live in. 


Prernaa + Team SOS. 

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